Why McAllister Park Little League?

    • We are the premier Little League in San Antonio, with a rich history of tournament-play success
    • MPLL volunteers focus on building character as well as skill on the field of play
  • We have 16 baseball and softball fields at our complex for use during practices and games

  • Why is McAllister Park Little League so expensive? 

      • Is it?  At MPLL, we work hard to balance a competitively priced, volunteer-based league and the costs associated with maintaining our 16 fields.
      • If you are comparing to a select organization program, the typical tournament cost is $40-$50 per weekend tournament with a 3 game guarantee.  This equates to 4 tournaments at $160-$200 cost for 12 games with a select program vs. 12+ games @ MPLL for less.  This also does not include uniform costs, coaches fees, umpire fees, travel fees, admission fees, and facility fees.  
      • We play from Feb/March to May or longer while a uniform and some equipment is provided.

    How can we be eligible to play at McAllister Park Little League?

  • Great question.  It comes down to residency, school enrollment or prior participation.  Refer to our league eligibility page for the specifics.

    What do we need to bring to an person registration after we’ve verified eligibility?

  • Another great question and there are some very specific details, so please refer to our registration page.  

    When does the season start?

    • Majors baseball games start the week of _______
  • All other division games start the week of  ________
    • Practices will start immediately after tryouts, drafts, & team notifications.


  • How are teams established?

    • For Majors Baseball, returning players return to their previous year's team.
      • For Tee Ball, there are no tryouts or draft and teams are put together by random.  Coach & player requests may be honored if possible.
      •  For all other divisions, teams are drafted by team managers after a player evaluation during tryouts.
  • How many games will we play? Practices?

    • Each division will play 12 or more games (varies by division and playoffs if applicable).
    • Tee Ball will play 10 or more games.
    •  Practices will depend on coaches and number of teams per division


  • How can I become a coach or help out?

    • AWESOME!  We'd love to have you!!!
    • MPLL is a volunteer-run league and we can never have enough helpers!
    • Sign up to volunteer through your account page, during registration, through our volunteer page or reach out to a league board member!

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