Juniors Baseball


This is an exception provided to eligible players for the REGULAR SEASON ONLY. League age 15s WILL NOT be eligible to play in the Juniors Division All-Stars Tournament. This exception supersedes any details listed in the FAQs below.

JUNIORS Division Baseball
JUNIORS Leadership
JP Guerra, VP

MPLL Juniors/Seniors Baseball

Kid pitch JUNIORS baseball is for all league age 13 and 14 year that are drafted to a JUNIORS
team. All league age 13 and 14 year olds registered by the deadline will have a guaranteed
roster spot. See the 2020 Little League Age Chart to determine your player’s league age.
See the home page at MPLL.org for league-wide frequently asked questions and our spring 2020
registration form for in-person registration.

All kid pitch baseball candidates that are league age 13 and 14 are REQUIRED TO ATTEND ALL of the listed tryouts sessions listed below:

Monday, 2/10 @ 6pm - MPLL Upper Complex #10
Tuesday, 2/11 @ 6pm - MPLL Upper Complex #10
Thursday, 2/13 @ 6pm - MPLL Upper Complex #10

Kids interested in pitching and/or playing catcher in the JUNIORS division will have the
opportunity to deliver pitches and/or receive balls behind the plate with throws to 2B. Any kid
interested in trying out for catcher needs to bring his or her own catcher’s gear, and males will
need to wear a cup.

All players will be drafted to a team after the tryout sessions, and will be notified of their spring
team by the 16th. Practices will begin Monday, February 17th.


Who can play at MPLL?
You must either live or go to school within our league boundaries. Click here for the boundary map. Please check this map and confirm that you either live or
go to school within the boundary before proceeding any further.

What age groups play kid pitch during the spring season?
Kids born between 9/1/2005 and 8/31/2007 MUST try out for the JUNIORS division. All league
age 13 and 14 year olds will make a JUNIORS team.

How do I get my kid registered?
Boys and girls alike may register for JUNIORS. If your child is a returning MPLL player, you may
register online. If your child is a new player, you must register in person.

In-person registration dates are set for:

Saturday, January 11th, 9am - 11am @ Academy Northwoods (1604/281)
Saturday, January 18th,9am - 11am @ Academy Northwoods (1604/281)
Thursday, January 23rd, 6pm - 8pm @ DBat SA North (2250 Chipley Court)
Thursday, January 30th, 6pm - 8pm @ DBat SA North (2250 Chipley Court)
If your child is new to our league, you must bring a copy of their birth certificate and proof of
residence (see homepage for details — Little League mandates very specific requirements).


I’d like to coach or assist in coaching a JUNIORS team. How do I do this?

We are very fortunate to have some very qualified candidates to manage our MPLL Juniors
teams, however, if you are interested in managing/coaching, please fill out our manager interest
form online.

Do players try out for Juniors? Is there a draft?
Yes, all players in kid pitch baseball tryout. The purpose of tryouts and the subsequent draft is
to allow for as much competitive balance as possible between teams. Each player that tries out
will make a team.

How many games will we play each week?
Typically, teams play two games each week, although there are occasionally weeks where a
team may play only once due to scheduling. Games will likely be played on Monday and
Thursday evenings. This won’t be finalized until we know exactly how many players and teams
we have for the spring. Weeknight games start no earlier than 7:30pm.
The spring season will feature a regular season as well as a post-season tournament.
Additionally, the top teams during the spring season will have the opportunity to advance to the
City Tournament in early June.

How often will our team practice?
Teams will be allotted assigned practices at MPLL in the weeks prior to the start of the season.
Once the season starts, practices are at the discretion of the manager/head coach. Most teams
will have a field practice, and batting practice during each week, and potentially a Saturday field
practice every other week. MPLL does not require any minimum practice schedule for our
teams. If teams elect to practice at MPLL during the season, or at some of the city parks or local
indoor or outdoor baseball facilities, those locations have a fee associated that can be covered
by parents to share the responsibility of paying for these practice locations, or acquiring
sponsors to cover those fees.

When does the season start, and when does it end?
JUNIORS practices will begin the week following the tryouts/draft (week of 2/17), and
inter-league games will begin the week of March 2nd. The regular season typically concludes
by Memorial Day weekend.

Where will we play our games?
The JUNIORS division teams inter-league with other nearby Little Leagues. When scheduling,
League Leadership works hard to schedule as many games as possible for each team at their
local facility, however, JUNIORS division teams should expect to play road games at Alamo
Heights LL, Bulverde LL, Capitol Park LL, Greater NE LL, and potentially Windcrest LL.

I have two (or more) children playing.  Can they play on the same team?
Yes, please make this designation on your online or in-person registration in the special
requests or comments section.

What positions will my child play? Will they rotate through various positions?
Your child’s positions will be determined by their ability, skill set, and effort. Your child’s
manager and coaches will place each child in positions that they are most likely to be
successful, and to develop their skills.

What gear does my child need?
MPLL will provide each player with a team jersey and hat. Parents will be responsible for
baseball pants, belt, and socks (your child’s coach will discuss colors with you once you are on
a team) as well as cleats, a baseball glove, a bat, and a batting helmet. Additionally, if your child
plays catcher, they will need a cup and catcher’s gear. (Check with your coach before buying
catcher’s gear, though.)

Are there any other costs aside from the registration fees?
There may be additional costs to secure a practice location, batting cages, and to get
names/numbers on caps/jerseys. You will receive this information directly from your coach once
your child is drafted to a team. If these (or registration costs) fees create an issue, please reach
out to league leadership, or your child’s coach to discuss scholarship opportunities

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